Universal Grinding Machine

UBB 63 – 3 000 kg

Universal Grinding Machine

UBB 63 – 3 000 kg

Distance between centers 2,000; 3,000; 4,000; 5,000; 6,000 mm
Max. swing diameter 630, 850 mm
Rotation of the grinding headstock -30/+210 °
Minimum programmable increment of grinding headstock rotation 0.001 °
Minimum X axis increment 0.001 mm
Minimum Z axis increment 0.005 (0.001) mm
Grinding wheel peripheral velocity 25 – 45 m/s
Max. weight between centers 2 500 – 3 000 kg
Max. workpiece weight incl. fixture – overhanging 300 kg
Grinding wheel diameter 500 (600) mm
Spindle power 11 (15) kW
CNC control system Siemens Sinumerik 840D sL 


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The Universal grinding machine for UBB 63 CNC is based on the universal cylindrical grinding machine UB 63 CNC, It is a cylindrical grinder for workpieces with a maximum diameter of 850 mm and a maximum length of 6000 mm.

The B-axis allows the use of up to three grinding wheels and thus ensures the possibility of complete grinding of the workpiece in one clamping, with minimum downtime and maximum precision using internal grinding.

  • Flexible grinding of medium to heavy cylinders and shafts.
  • Manual or automatic grinding.
  • Selectable grinding wheel size, mounting and positioning.
  • CNC control system – Siemens 840 Sinumerik D sL.
  • Internal and external grinding.
  • Full cover with grinding mist extraction.
  • Dynamic balancing SBS.
  • Measuring, cooling and electrical systems from world leading manufacturers.
  • Flexible adjustment of additional components.

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Standard accessories

  • Coolant splash guards – partially covering with a manual-controlled door.
  • Tailstock mounted wheel dresser (without diamond).
  • Fixed tips (2pcs).
  • Sedimentation cooling equipment.
  • Electric foot pedal for pneumatic tailstock control.
  • Puller of grinding wheel flange.
  • Suspension of grinding wheel flange.
  • Balancing arbor with a nut.
  • Set of pads for bed leveling.
  • LED lighting IP65.
  • Tools for operating of machine.
  • Technical documentation.

Special accessorie

  • Size gauge for longitudinal workpiece positioning.
  • In-process measurement of workpiece diameter.
  • SBS Automatic electro-dynamic balance system of the grinding wheel.
  • Extra grinding wheel flange.
  • Closed steady rest actuated by hand.
  • Three-jaw chuck, incl. adapter plate.
  • Permanent magnetic plate, incl. adapter plate.
  • Side and angular dresser table mounted w/o diamond actuated by hand.
  • Radius dresser table mounted w/o diamond actuated by hand.
  • Att. for fine table swiveling with dial indicator.
  • Water tank fitted with a magnetic or belt filter or a combination thereof.
  • Wheel balancing stand.
  • Unique system SmarTOS

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