Max. swing diameter: 250 mm
Max. lenght: 1,000 mm
Accuracy: 0.001 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 80 kg
Spindle power: 4 kW

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Max. swing diameter: 320 – 500 mm
Max. lenght: 4,000 mm
Accuracy: 0.001 mm
Max.  workpiece weight: 500 – 600 kg
Spindle power: 11 – 15 kW

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Max. swing diameter: 630 – 900 mm
Max. lenght: 6 000 mm
Accuracy: 0,001 mm
Max.  workpiece weight: 2 500 kg
Spindle power: 22 kW

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SmarTOS is a unique system included with every CNC grinder. It is an autonomous diagnostic and information system for grinding machines, which is accessible via a web interface. SmarTOS exists in two versions, BASIC and CLASIC. This system was developed by TOS Hostivař and thanks to this system, all manufactured CNC round grinders are digitized and thus belong to industry 4.0.

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80 percent of Universal Grinding Machines made by TOS Hostivar are exported to foreign markets. Most of our products go to Germany, representing around 50 percent of our sales. The remaining 20 percent go to the domestic market and Slovakia.

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